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New: Leica Throw Lever

Leica presents the Leica Throw Lever – an essential accessory for faster, safer operation of the zoom ring on riflescopes.

Wetzlar, Germany. July 1, 2021. Leica Sportoptik is expanding the accessory range for Leica riflescopes with the Leica Throw Lever, which allows the zoom ring on Leica Magnus riflescopes to be adjusted quickly and safely. This ergonomic feature is particularly useful in three hunting situations:

1. Rapidly changing magnification when the shooting distance changes
When stalking game or on a driven hunt, for example, the hunter can switch the Leica riflescope from low magnification to high magnification in a flash. A suddenly visible animal on the distant opposite slope can be aimed at precisely.

2. Safely operating the riflescope while wearing gloves
Thanks to the lever’s non-slip grip, safe operation is no problem – even with heavy gloves in winter. The hunter is able to safely operate the lever and set the appropriate magnification, even whean wearing full winter clothing and in the dark.

3. Turning the zoom ring easily, thanks to the long lever
The Throw Lever allows the riflescope to be operated with minimal effort. Even in difficult shooting positions, the hunter can adjust the scope’s magnification simply by lightly pressing the lever – no elaborate movements needed.

The Leica Throw Lever features sturdy design, superior materials, and easy mounting. The lever’s ring is simply placed over the zoom ring and then the fastening screw is tightened. The Throw Lever is ready for immediate use and cannot come loose. The look of the Leica Throw Lever matches the Leica Magnus riflescopes.

The Leica Throw Lever is now available.

Leica Throw Lever – the benefits at a glance

+ rapid change of magnification as hunting situations change
+ suitable for many different hunt types
+ safely operate the riflescope while wearing gloves
+ safely operate the riflescope in the dark
+ suitable for all Leica Magnus riflescopes increased leverage
+ easy to mount
+ designed to match Leica Magnus riflescopes
+ very easy movement of the zoom ring, thanks to
+ superior materials and workmanship
+ suitable for right-handed and left-handed systems