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Monovid FF
Individualized Free-Form Single Vision Lenses

Using point-by-point surface design, Monovid lenses have an up to 5-times higher precision. Lenses are esthetically superior in appearance due the especially flat lens design.

Individual parameters of the wearer allow for best sight regardless of angle of vision.

Monovid FF Relax
Individualized Free-Form Single Vision Lenses for extended wear

Developed especially for working with digital devices. Monovid FF Relax has a special correction in the lower part of the lens, offering relaxed and less tiresome work at display of any kind.

Superior Progressive Lenses

Leica Eyecare developed a brand new family of Progressive lenses. Our patented NSE (New Sphere Equivalence) technology is the new benchmark designing progressive lenses. As a result: Minimizing unwanted astigmatism for a better image and broadened intermediate as well as near zones.

The connected Free-Form Proximity Lens

The Digivid range is the solution for all indoor activities and especially for the use of connected objects. 

It is aimed at young presbyopics as well as confirmed presbyopics in addition to progressive lenses. In addition, Digivid lenses are made of ESM (Eye Safe Material) that protects the eyes from blue light emitted by screens

More Details

Coming from the Leica Eyecare Free-Form technology, the Digivid is composed of 2 depths of field: 2m and 4m, specially adapted for extended reading, at work on screen and to people watching television.

Products - 5-1 Digivid Special / Drive
Products - 5-2 Digivid Special / Golf
Products - 5-3 Digivid Special / Photo
Products - 5-4 Digivid Special / Snow
Products - 5-5 Digivid Special / Shooting outside
Products - 5-6 Digivid Special / Nautical
Products - 5-7 Digivid Special / Shooting Inside

Special Lenses

We demand better lenses for our hobbies and sport- Leica Eyecare developed special lenses for special applications: Photo, Golf, Driving, Nautical, Shooting, Snow or Cycling. Each lens is individually fitted for performance without compromise.

Focus your vision

Leica Eyecare ophthalmic lenses will initially be available from selected outlets in Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.