Leica Special Editions

Discover what’s really special.

Our Leica Special Editions give you a whole new perspective on life. Whether it’s sightseeing, hiking or events, you can discover things that escape the naked eye. Our binoculars are an expression of pure elegance and individuality. For more than 170 years, they have proven our passion for outstanding optical premium quality.

When life demands a closer look at details, or you want to follow the action up close, our Special Editions are the perfect companions for unforgettable moments and vivid experiences.

Iconic, versatile and elegant design
Always a very special eye-catcher.

Shapely binocular design, highest-quality materials and workmanship, and elegant, genuine leather applications: Our exclusive special editions always offer something to suit your individual wishes.  They are always an elegant accessory and cherished companion when it comes to discovering life in all its facets. Their comfortable grip and intuitive operation let you enjoy special moments while remaining completely relaxed.

Powerful Premium Optics
Our high demands on optical performance have a long tradition.

For unique observations in realistic, almost three-dimensional plasticity, we use only the latest glass types and coatings. High-precision workmanship enables the components to achieve realistic images and neutral colors, optimum contrasts and brilliant images. You can rely on the impressive optical properties of your Leica binoculars at dusk, in difficult scattered light conditions or in heat shimmer.

Made for life, made for generations
An investment in the future.

Usually, the quality of binoculars only becomes apparent when things get a little rougher. That’s why we use only the highest quality materials to protect your binoculars from the elements and ensure you can always rely on them. Our standards for workmanship, precision and quality guarantee you special experiences that will create lasting memories. This makes your Leica glass an indispensable companion you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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