Leica APO-Televid

Sophisticated optics, rugged mechanics

High-performance viewing

Closer to the action

Precise vision even in the close focusing range

Discover the finest pin-sharp details at long distances, as if they were right before your eyes. Leica APO-Televid spotting scopes offer the highest magnifications and superior fields of view over their whole magnification range.

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Perfection in glass

For superior colour fidelity and maximum contrast

Fluoride lenses and the APO-chromatic lens system enable very low dispersion, excellent colour fidelity and very low colour fringing.

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Compact and resistant

Prepared for any situation

Their short build makes the Leica spotting scopes discreet tour companions. If you find that impressive, you will be even more overwhelmed by their interior: high-performance optics, perfectly protected against environmental impacts combined with easy handling.

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