Leica Geovid

The perfected symbiosis of viewing and distance measurement

25 years Leica has been the pioneer in rangefinding technology. Thanks to our decades of experience and comprehensive expertise – and over 300,000 laser rangefinders sold – we can proudly assert our unrivalled market leadership in the premium hunting segment.

In 2013, we revolutionized rangefinding for hunting purposes with the Geovid HD-B 42. It offers the perfect combination of observation and rangefinding with several features: The innovative, patented Perger-Porro prism system gives flawless imaging performance. The bridge’s ergonomic construction ensures fatigue-free viewing. An integrated, multifunctional ballistic computer with microSD card slot allows the capture of ballistics data, and air-pressure and temperature sensors ensure maximum preci-sion. In 2015 the family of Geovid HD-B 42 models was expanded to include the Geovid HD-R (Type 402/403/500). By limiting the EHR (equivalent horizontal range), they provide maximum safety and precision with ease of use. 

And in 2016, the Geovid 8 x 56 HD-B/HD-R was launched: Leica’s brightest and most compact rangefinder binocular ever. With the Rangemaster CRF 2700-B, then Leica introduced the first compact rangefinder with unique microSD card slot for individual ballistics data. In 2020, the Geovid 3200.COM sets new standards in terms of range, combining outstanding ballistic precision and performance with new Bluetooth® functions.

Download the Leica Hunting App, connect Geovid 3200.COM, adjust, hit your target safely thanks to comprehensive ballistic rangefinding.

Quickly create and save ballistics profiles, and import them from the app at any time.

Precise, high-performance ballistic rangefinding in fractions of a second, and holdover correction in three output formats: EHR, number of clicks, holdover.

Temperature, air pressure and angle are taken into account – for precise measurements uphill and down, in any weather.

Easily transfer the information to the Apple Watch.

Fast, precise rangefinding
Laser rangefinder for reliable point-of-impact correction

When hunting, precise distance measurement is essential. This powerful laser rangefinder offers an extremely short measuring time (max. 0.3 seconds) at enormous distances up to true 3,200 y/2,900 m.

High-Class Optics
Best optical elements for outstanding viewing

You can look forward to fascinating moments. The Perger-Porro prism system, in combination with the latest technology and intricately cut, state-of-the-art glass types, delivers exceptionally bright, color-neutral images with unique plasticity. The wide field of view grants precise scanning of larger areas. The excellent ambient light suppression, resulting from a sophisticated and elaborate system of baffles and light traps, enables uniquely sharp and high-contrast images.

Weatherproof and rugged
Reliable in any situation

Leica Geovid rangefinders inspire generations with their ruggedness and durability. The sophisticated AquaDura® lens coating with water- and dirt-repellent properties ensures clear vision at all times, even in bad weather. The high abrasion resistance protects the valuable optics even more effectively from damage. In addition, the light magnesium body is extremely shock-resistant, and the protective shock-absorbing rubber armouring ensures a comfortable and secure grip.

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