My Idea
of the Look.

The main camera setup of fashion and lifestyle photographer Pat Domingo is the Leica SL2 in combination with Leica M-Lenses.

"I use M-Lenses on the SL2 because I like the combination of both worlds. I have the incredible look of the M-Lenses combined with the technical possibilities of a state of the art camera.“

The M-Adapter L opens the world of M-Photography for SL-System photographers, giving them access to lenses that are among the best in the world. Created to perform to the max in all photographic conditions, Leica M-Lenses are fully compatible with the Leica SL-System thanks to the M-Adapter L.

The decisive choice

M-Adapter L promotion

Buy an SL2, SL2-S or SL2/SL2-S bundle, and receive a complimentary M-Adapter L.