of grace.

The photographic work of Arthur De Kersauson revolves around mixing documentary and fiction showing the cinematic dimension of life. He shoots with the Leica SL2 and his beloved M-Lenses.

I soon realised that photography is a medium that feels very personal and free, allowing me to share some of my most intimate and precious emotions: moments of grace.

“What makes the SL-System the prefect tool is the trinity of its striking colour preproduction, the ability to use M-Lenses for an unmistakable look, and the overall robustness of the camera that makes its reliable in all conditions”

The M-Adapter L opens the world of M-Photography for SL-System photographers, giving them access to a whole range of lenses that count among the best in the world. Created to perform to the max in all photographic conditions, Leica M-Lenses are fully compatible with the Leica SL-System thanks to the M-Adapter L.

The decisive choice

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