lights and colours.

Anne-Françoise Pelissier wandered along the coasts of the French department of Var to rediscover places, landmarks and beloved memories of her childhood with the Leica M10-R.

"I place myself between reality and composition. The individual expression of my images is a fragment of my own history, an evocation of MY Mediterranean.“

"While keeping its legendary simplicity, the Leica M10-R reveals itself with an intense generosity. It's a fantastic opportunity for me to improve my technique. Particularly thanks to the sensor of over 40 Megapixel and an exceptional sharpness that reveals even the smallest specks of light and colour in unmatched quality and definition. The M10-R also offers me a great deal of freedom when photographing freehand, even in low light. A real technical feat!“

Leica M10-R

Redefining Image Quality.