The Beauty
of Imperfection

There is this deep sense of balance.
Joe Greer

Whenever our society develops into one direction, there is almost certainly an opposing trend. In the midst of the „age of Instagram“, many photographers are rediscovering the unique feeling associated with shooting on film.

Opposing today’s search for instant gratification and the increased speed of life, analog photography encourages photographers to take their time. From putting a roll of film in the camera through to seeing the final images for the first time; the analog photographer embarks on an experiential journey. Equipped with his Leica M6, New York based photographer Joe Greer took a trip to a lost place in order to find out what he loves most about shooting on film.

"I‘m a life

Joe’s photographic work does not fit in a box. Always carrying his Leica M6, he wants to be ready and able to take a photograph in any situation life brings to him.

"My Leica M6 made me slow down."

Being a competitive athlete for most of his youth, analog photography encouraged Joe to take his time. It taught him how to see life in a more simple and balanced way.

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"Honesty is what I‘m looking for."

A major topic for Joe is emotion. Whenever he takes photographs, he tries to capture the honesty of a situation in order to show its true colors to the viewer.

"Film is packed with
small imperfections,
just like life."

Due to the chemical nature of film, analog has a different look than digital. Joe sees these small imperfections as an important part of the journey, adding to the beauty of his images.

"Analog photography
has something that
digital cannot provide."

Compared to digital, analog photography offers a more tangible, direct experience. Joe understands its rise, specifically with younger people, as a logical consequence of our digital lifestyle.

"Follow your passion and beautiful things will happen."

Joe encourages photographers to experiment by trying out different genres, shooting locations as well as film stock. Breaking a photographic routine always leads to a new perspective.

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