incorporate product features of the Leica M9-P

Leica M9 owners can now incorporate the product features of the Leica M9-P into their existing M9 camera body, resulting in an alternative, even more discreet and resilient design.
In addition, owners taking advantage of this service will receive a one-year warranty extension, that is limited and only within the first 24 months after purchasing the camera part of the program. After the two-year period this one year warranty extension will not apply.

Product Features of the M9-P

The Leica M9-P offers specific product features that can now be added to the existing M9 model.
These features include a scratch-resistant cover for its LCD screen made of almost unbreakable sapphire crystal as well as a minimalist and discreet appearance.

Interested M9 owners can choose between two different package options


‘Sapphire Glass' package

The ‘Sapphire Glass' package offers the replacement of the M9 LCD monitor cover with the Leica M9-P's scratch resistant, sapphire crystal cover and a one year warranty extension.


‘Top Cover and Sapphire Glass' package

This second option, ‘Top cover and sapphire glass', includes the replacement of the LCD monitor glass with a sapphire crystal cover and the replacement of the top and base plates by the respective components of the M9-P. The latter are available in a choice of two finishes: black paint or a traditional silver chrome version. This package also includes a one year warranty extension.
The silver chrome replacement option also includes replacement of the leatherette covering of the M9 with the vulcanite trim of the M9-P.

  • The conversion of the cameras will be carried out by highly trained technicians at Leica's head office in Solms, Germany.
  • Leica M9 owners in the UK can place an order for this service by contacting Leica Client Care on 020 7629 1351.
  • Cameras must not be sent to Leica in the UK directly - an appointment must be made on availability of the upgrade service, and will be available on a first come first served basis.
  • Within the EU, camera owners can take advantage of the fast or express service for an extra charge.

Please note:

M9 owners in the UK must contact Leica Client Care on 020 7629 1351 prior to sending in their cameras for this service. An appointment must be made for the upgrade service, in order to minimise waiting times.