Tracking repairs in Solms

With our "Repair tracking" service, we offer you the opportunity to call up the status of your repair job conveniently via the Internet at any time.

The required input data (SD/repair number) can be found on your cost estimate or on your job confirmation. If you do not yet have the "cost estimate" or "job confirmation" forms, you can query the processing status by entering the serial number (within 10 days of sending your Leica product to Leica Camera AG).

This service is only available for repairs performed by Customer Care of Leica Camera AG in Solms.

Start repair tracking application

Conditions of use:

The Leica job tracking systems accessible on the web site, as well as the job tracking data called up on this web site, are the private property of Leica Camera AG. Leica Camera AG only permits the use of its job tracking systems for querying the status of jobs you have submitted for repair to Leica Camera AG, or to third parties performing this on your behalf that have been submitted to Leica Camera AG, but for no other reason. Without the express written approval of Leica Camera AG, you are not entitled to make the job tracking data available on a web site, to reproduce it in any other way, to sell, copy, save, use or sell it for commercial purposes. It is a personal service. Your right to use the job tracking systems or job tracking data is therefore not transferable.

You are strictly forbidden to access this web site if you do not comply with these conditions or use the job tracking systems or job data systems without permission.