How satisfied were you with our service? Your opinion is important to us.

When a service measure is required, at Leica we strive to provide this service within a suitable period of time and to provide perfect quality. Therefore, it is important for us and our global service partners to find out whether you were satisfied with our service, or whether there is scope for improvement.

In the following survey we would be grateful, if you could answer several questions about your service experience. To thank you for participating, you will be entered in an annual sweepstakes of Leica products and interesting books.*


*Entry in sweepstakes:
Employees of Leica AG and their families are not permitted to enter the sweepstakes. The deadline for entries is 31 March each year. The winners will be notified by post after the sweepstakes. Cash will not be paid in lieu of the prize. Any recourse to legal action is excluded.