World-class lenses from our factory in Germany

Our philosophy is to consistently reduce things to their absolute essentials, and the new Summarit-M lenses represent the very best that can be achieved today using traditional spherical lens design, for both analog and digital Leica M photography. With this new family, we hope to open up the challenging world of rangefinder photography to a wider target audience.

The Leica Summarit-M lens family

Leica lenses that set new standards.

Summarit-M lenses in action - photographer Rainer Bültert reports

We asked a pro to check the quality of these new lenses in real life.

Green light - Jörg Konrad reports

Leica employee Jörg Konrad seized the chance to introduce the newest additions to the Leica lens family to his own brood, and took them all for a walk in the woods.

Birthday party: a very demanding test!

Annette Engelhardt is a graphic artist and mother of two. She manages the birthday party photos with a Leica M8 and the Summarit-M 2,5/50mm.


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