The stork smithy – at Linum.
A town for storks and birders.

Linum in Brandenburg is an annual touristic attraction for birdwatchers because every summer around 13 pairs of storks and their offspring make their homes in the high points, gables, masts and church tower of the town.


The autumn bird migration also offers many fascinating birdwatching opportunities when tens of thousands of wild geese and cranes rest on their way in their winter quarters and populate the pond area bordering Linum.
In 2008, 80,000 cranes were counted on one day in autumn! Making this, along with the Rhin-Havelluch, is one of the world famous resting places for grey cranes and because of these spectacular and beautiful events every year thousands of people visit the area surrounding Linum.


In the NABU nature conservation centre (the stork smithy since 1991) you can obtain information about animals, plants and the nature conservation undertaken in this area and also find an attractive range of guided tours, workshops, lectures and films.
In the Linumer Ponds area there are trekking routes, observation towers and cottages specifically suited to observing the wildlife.
For many years Leica Sport Optics has supported this project via loans of spotting scopes and binoculars.

For further information go to www.nabu-berlin.de.