A paradise for friends of the beaver.
Discover, observe, experience and understand.

Run by the Naturschutzbund Germany (NABU) Kreisverband Stendal e.V. and the Centre for Ecology, Nature and Enviroment protection (ZÖNU) and located in the floodplain of the river Elbe near Tangermünde lies a special nature reserve wihich offers excellent opportunities for observing wildlife. One focus of any excursion in this habitat should be to observe the beavers, as here you can learn a lot about this very special rodent.

Leica Sport Optics supports the education programme of NABU and ZÖNU with both spotting scopes and binoculars with which to observe the beavers. Interested people can make excursions through this river lanscape (known locally as "Biosphärenreservat Flusslandschaft Elbe) and carved out over centuries, by bike, carriage, boat , rubber boat or easily on foot.
There are also nature education pathways and a nature observation tower which both offer the promise of unique natural experiences.


More Information about the NABU Eco barn and the Centre for Ecology, Nature and Enviroment protection can be obtained at the NABU-Infostelle/Landschaftswacht, Rathaus Werben, Am Markt 1, 39615 Werben/Elbe, Telephone: 0049-39393/5252.