The Sielmann Foundation – committed to nature conservation.
Promoting a love of animals and plants in and around Brandenburg.

Since 2000, the Heinz Sielmann Foundation has managed three large natural landscapes in and around Brandenburg and are committed to both saving these environments and protecting specific species. Leica Sport Optics supports these projects with spotting scopes and binoculars. Visitors to this ecologically important area around Berlin find it offers a wide variety of natural experiences. The objective of these projects is to develop sustainable tourism with the aim of bringing people and nature closer together and fostering a lifelong enthusiasm for nature conservation.

For people who are interested there is a round trip through these different landscapes from 28th to 30th August 2009. You can book this via the travel agency - Prof. Heinz Sielmann Reisen which you can find at www.sielmann-reisen.de, telephone 0049-551/4999323.
More information is available from Sielmanns Naturlandschaft Döberitzer Heide gGmbH, telephone 0049-33234/24890.
The complete events programme can also be found on the internet at http://www.sielmann-stiftung.de.


Experience European bison, wild horses and red deer - close up.

The Sielmann Döberitzer Heide natural landscape, between Berlin and Potsdam, in a Park near Elstal offers you a unique opportunity to observe the lives of "big" wild animals.
Since 2004, the Heinz Sielmann Foundation at their Döberitz training area have undertaken a nature and species protection project of national importance on this approximately 3,500 Hectare site.


The best way to experience the diversity of the landscape is on foot or with bike and there is a 60 kilometre long network of trails for trekking and biking.
Heather moor, alder forests and lakes have built a wonderful landscape mosaic which is home to over 5,000 species of animals and plants. The "nature experiences" on offer here include special excursions and many are specifically family friendly.


The fascination earlier mining area Wannichen explore by bike.

The " Noah's Ark of Brandenburg"is how Sielmanns natural landscape situated near Luckau in the Niederlausitz is namedand throughout the year it is a worthwhile destination for any friend of nature. In the autumn the lakes become the resting place for thousands of cranes and Nordic geese on their migration to the south.
The Heinz Sielmann nature reserve centre at Wannichen is the perfect starting point for biking tours and offers many different trails along with historical exhibitions of the area and exhibitions about nature. Amongst others one is about the life and work of the animal photographer Prof. Heinz Sielmann.
As well as this, there are many holiday events and even more for children to do.


Visit the Osprey nursery

Most see the native osprey only from afar whilst it is high in the sky but every year starting from March you can experience the "matchmaking", the offspring and there upbringing via a webcam live in the Sielmann nature landscape Groß Schauener lakes.
The Heinz Sielmann foundation has here an information centre about it's nature protection work Around the Groß Schauener lakes is a new about 22 km long bicycle track, which goes through wonderful alder forests. We recommend stopping at the watch tower in Selchow and also at the castle in Storkow, where a new "Naturem" invites you to take a journey through time to see how the landscape has developed. At Visiting the fish company at Köllnitz is worthwile as well as a visit tof the fish museum.