Leica X-U

Created to defy the elements

Leica X-U Unrivalled. Rugged. Amazing pictures.

In pouring rain, tropical heat or a blizzard – the extreme ruggedness of the Leica X-U makes it the perfect companion on any outdoor project or journey. As a shockproof, dust and water sealed expedition camera, the Leica X-U defies the elements with confidence and ease.

Its minimised and intuitive handling guarantees you ultimate creative freedom and the ability to react in a flash as opportunities arise. The rugged Leica X-U, its extra large sensor and a first-class lens, delivers pin-sharp and breathtakingly brilliant pictures under even the toughest conditions. Adventure photography starts here.



Take every adventure as it comes! The new Leica X-U is always at your side.

Shockproof, dust and water sealed, it delivers spectacularly brilliant pictures under even the toughest conditions.


Pure elegance
meets technical precision

The X-U perpetuates Leica traditions in its combination of sophisticated design and simple, efficient handling.

Focused on the essentials, the X-U delivers what really matters: photography in its purest form.


picture quality

Like you, the X-U is ready for adventure. But that doesn’t mean that picture quality has to suffer. Quite the opposite, in fact.

A remarkably large sensor and a premium lens guarantee results at the top of the quality league.


I take inspiration from my surroundings, from the force of life and the tiniest air bubble under water.
Kerstin Kuntze

German photographer Kerstin Kuntze is literally in her element shooting underwater images, which she describes as an expression of life itself.

KUNTZE-1_1512-x-1008 KKUNTZE-2_1512-x-1008 KKUNTZE-3_1512-x-1008

Kerstin feels at home in the water and her years of experience have given her an instinctive understanding of how to capture light and movement underwater. The images she creates communicate wonderfully the sensory joy of entering this subaqueous world. Better known for her flamboyant, almost surrealist, color images, the following monochrome series shot with the Leica X-U reflects a more emotional and intimate side to Kerstin’s photography.

Leica X-U in action

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