Leica CL

Dream Big. Pack Small.

Leica CL, black anodised
Leica CL, black anodised Leica CL, silver anodised

The Leica CL represents the juxtaposition of iconic design and advanced technical standards.

This portable system camera is a versatile everyday tool for photographers that delivers pristine image quality and sensory satisfaction.

Leica CL Street Kit
Your perfect companion in the city

The Leica CL Street Kit is the best way to start your photographic journey through the urban jungle.

With this special offer you are perfectly equipped to create the Leica Look while you are out and about in your favorite cities of the world. This Kit includes the black Leica CL, a Summicron TL 23mm f/2 ASPH. lens, a black handgrip as well as an additional leather carrying strap and an extra battery.

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From the very beginning I knew I wanted to become a “Leica photographer”
Stefan Huber

As a lightweight, compact and very easy-to-use camera the Leica CL is the perfect camera for traveling. Whether I was working manually or on automatic, I could shoot really casually and was able to enjoy the moment.

Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil04 Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil05 Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil07 Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil14 Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil17 Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil19 Leica_CL_CasaPreta_Brasil20

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to become a “Leica photographer”. I love the brand image, the history and all of the world-famous photos that have been shot with Leica cameras. The design and quality of the cameras is what appeals to me as well. The chilled-out courtyard of the Casa Preta seemed like the ideal location for a photo shoot with the Leica CL.

Leica TL-Lenses
Masterpieces of optical design

The exceptional imaging performance of Leica lenses has evolved from more than 150 years of experience in the development of precision optical instruments.

The lenses for the APS-C System are naturally also characterised by our dedication to optical perfection.


L-Mount A new era of creative freedom

For the first time in the history of digital photography, a cross-format lens mount standard has been established that allows lenses made by different manufacturers to be used on each other’s system cameras.


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