Confidently different: the Leica TL-System is not conceived for just anyone. It unites the finest arts of contemporary precision engineering and highest-quality craftsmanship. Uncompromisingly minimized design fascinates and delights lovers of details. In terms of technology, unique innovations in operating and handling impress in every respect. Discover and experience a new interpretation of classic Leica photography: the Leica TL-System.


    The true arts of German engineering are brought together in a unique camera: the bodies of Leica TL-System cameras are made entirely from aluminum. Machined from a single block of solid metal and polished by hand for 45 minutes. The result: precise and robust. The process: innovative and groundbreaking.


    Simply touch the screen to focus on your subject, and check and review your pictures with a swipe. All on the generously dimensioned, 3.7" touchscreen display that takes up almost the whole of the back of the camera. You can configure the menu of your camera just the way you want it to be: structured according to your personal preferences and needs.


    Discover masterpieces of optical design and experience the best lenses in their class. They are constructed with perfectly harmonized glass types, inner mechanisms perfected down to the smallest details, and offer a broad selection of focal lengths and speeds. Expand your creative horizons – with lenses created by Leica.

Leica TL2
A statements

Minimalist design, compelling qualities inside. The new, second-generation Leica TL2 sets standards and takes this camera class into an entirely new dimension.

Speed, picture quality, and ease of handling characterize these intrinsic values and make a statement the like of which has never been seen before.

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Unique design meets excellent picture quality

The Leica TL offers everything you need to experience the sheer joy of photography. None too many features. And none too few, either. It sets the focus precisely on what is essential in photography – the picture.

A camera that perfectly unites design, usability, and picture quality. A camera that offers simply everything for photography in its purest form. Reduced to essentials, flexible, and versatile.

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Open up new horizons

Exceptional imaging performance that’s visible in every picture: Leica has more than 150 years of experience in the development of precision optical instruments. The Leica TL2 benefits from this vast store of expertise and uncompromising dedication to perfection.

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ACCESSORIES Everything you need

The versatility of the Leica TL-System can naturally be further expanded with technical accessories such as powerful flash units and a high-resolution accessory viewfinder. Bright and colorful accessories add a provocative touch and highlight the self-assured character of the camera in all its details.

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